Photo by Ingrid Bonne Photography

Photo by Ingrid Bonne Photography

Ananda Zoe Breslof  

Owner and Senior Designer

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Ananda studied Studio Art at New York University.  With a  passion for art, she took on photography as another outlet for her creativity.  She found her way to Chicago which came after living in Los Angeles, working in the Entertainment Industry.  Chicago is the perfect fusion between New York and Los Angeles and this is where Flowerlife established its roots.  In Los Angeles, she photographed musicians, models, actors and landscapes, where more of her creativity blossomed. Inspired displays, influenced by diverse cultures, a passion for design and a love of everything botanical, gives Ananda much needed room to grow as a designer as well as an creative artist. Travel, experience and a constant desire for inspired conceptions keeps her on the move, ready to create!  Ananda participated in Chicago's Pilsen Artists' Open House for three years, showcasing her photography that spanned decades.  She is also a former writer for the LA based publication, H-Monthly Magazine in which she contributed a column for two years.  

Ananda also designates her time for volunteer work, she is the Advisory Council President of Walsh Park, Chair of the Dog Friendly Area, Board Member for Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail as well as on the Philanthropy Council for Safe Humane Chicago. Committed to community and a healthy respect for life brings her a balance and fulfillment.

Ananda is currently working on noteworthy Flowerlife workshops that will be ready for public consumption in the near months as well as opening the retail brick and mortar flower shop she has always dreamed of!


Jules Gordon

Lead Designer

Jules was raised in England, mostly in the countryside, in a victorian house set on 4 acres of land. The fact that, as kids, they were allowed pretty much free rein within the boundary of their garden had a big influence- as well as having a lot of animals around. Some areas of the garden were pretty dense so they would spend hours in there, surrounded by Yew trees, Holly and Rhododendron. Jules would construct things out of natural materials and pick grasses and flowers. She studied Industrial Design, specializing in Ceramics at Staffordshire University, then worked in London as a product designer for high street retailers - this took her on an incredible journey, traveling to Paris, Frankfurt, Portugal and all over Asia. It wasn’t until she moved to Sydney, Australia that she rediscovered her passion for working directly with flowers and all things botanical, although they had always featured heavily in her designs. This role also took me on an incredible journey (in both senses of the word) working on installations in Thailand, Singapore, Paris and obviously throughout Australia.  A passion for new discoveries and new places to roam. Working in different or unusual environments appears to be where she thrives the most!


Emily Beckman

Assistant Production and Floral Designer

Emily grew up exploring the canyons and mesas of northern New Mexico, bringing along colored pencils or paints, while listening to her Father explain various intricacies of the dry ecosystem. He was away frequently, attending international conferences and provided a way for her family to travel abroad a few times each year. She loved experiencing each new culture, and lived for the spontaneity of their adventures, the majority of which were ambitiously remote and simply could not be planned until we arrived. She always took time for plenty of filming and photography, gaining experience with light and composition. Trying new things was always encouraged, with experimenting and questioning as necessary partners. This learned flexibility, concept of design, and love for the outdoors has accompanied me since. A nature enthusiast, she graduated from Wheaton College with a B.S. Environmental Science, agricultural focus, and Studio Art minor, photography and ceramics.  Working for The Morton Arboretum and Freelancing for Flowerlife provides her with the balance of both her loves as well as her desire to gain experience within both fields.